Sure-fire Ways to Get Rid of Moobs and Chest Fat

Moobs are an unfortunate (and always embarrassing) affliction for most men, but except you have clinical Gynecomastia – a medical health condition where hormone imbalances stimulate breast tissue – then they are avoidable.

Below are a few sure-fire ways to get rid of both moobs and chest fat:

Don’t Lift Heavy

The worst thing you could do to treat man’s moobs is to lift weight for a low amount of reps. Yea, while you might build muscle, you won’t be burning off fat in any way. This means that those moobs will simply end up looking more visible.

Rather, you should focus on high reps utilising lower weights for a two-pronged workout attack that would minimize tone muscle and overall body fat.

Make sure your timings are right

To properly maximize your regime, you should try performing your cardio in the morning before eating anything – a method that will assist you in burning fat and also stimulate your metabolism for that day.

Your weights programs should be saved for the evening and afternoon when you will have had at least one or two meals and a lot of hydration to support you when it comes to lifting.

Cut Out Sugar

As with many weight-loss programs, removing simple carbohydrates and sugar from your diet will lead to certain dramatic results. So chocolate, bread, and beer are completely off the menu.

And while you should not exactly be utilising it as a replacement for a sports drink, it is good you swap out beer for clean Tequila over ice. It is tremendously low in calories and by simply consuming it without a mixer, you are reducing the amount of sugar that is going into your body.

Just ensure you don’t overdo it.

Think About Posture

One thing most gym-goers ignore when they are concentrating on their chest is the right posture.

By carrying out a lot of pushing workout exercise you are making the muscles around your neck, arm, chest, and muscles tighter.

And this can lead to a hunched posture, particularly if you work in an office all day. To tackle this, ensure you are adding extra rows into your workout regime.

These could either be of the rowing machine variety or dumbbell. It will also help you in maintaining symmetry and properly work the muscles between your shoulders blade.

How to Lose Chest Fat

For you to get rid of chest fat, you need to first understand the working mechanism of fat loss.

There is no other way of targeting chest fat without having to drop fat from other parts of your body.

It is stated in the “Forbes equation” that for you to be able to lose one pound of fat, you have to burn 3,600 calories through dietary restriction and exercise.

Since most individuals consume between 1,850 and 3,050 calories every day, the objective should be to work at a small calorie deficit every day.

For instance, at a 600-calorie deficit per day, you will achieve a drop of one pound a week. In case you keep it up, you can lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks.

Individuals with the most success at losing excess weight often lose it slowly but steadily, and also adopt a healthy lifestyle instead of utilising crash diets.

Creating a caloric deficiency

PRO TIP: Make use of our TDEE & Macro Calculator to figure out your TDEE, Deficit and Daily Calories.

Minimising your intake of carbohydrates and fat is one sure way to create a caloric deficit. Weight training with high-intensity cardio is also another.

Keeping track of your calories utilising a notebook or an app is an amazing way to determine your average calorie intake on a daily basis.

A website or app can enlighten you on how many calories are in several diverse foods to assist you to track that.

Immediately you have stats that span three days of your normal diet, sum up the calories and divide it by the total number of days you initially recorded to get your daily intake of calories.

With that information, you could decide how limited your diet has to become for you to lose weight.

In case you work out for 30 minutes or an hour at the gym, you could burn 450 calories or more utilizing a mixture of weight training and high-intensity cardio.

In case you restrict your intake of calories that the same day by 700 calories under your average, you are almost on your way to losing one pound.

Exercises for getting rid of chest fat

These weight-burning exercises on their own will not get rid of chest fat; however, they can firm and tone the area of your chest.

1. Pushups

The classic push-up is an amazing way to start focusing on your upper body and chest.

Begin in a plank position, with your hands outstretched under the rest of your body with your feet shoulder-width separated.

Slowly submerge yourself to the ground, making sure your arms stay close to your body as you approach the floor.

Lean upward to raise your body back to its starting position. Do it as many times as possible and try increasing the number of total pushups you do each time you carry out this exercise.

2. Bench press

When you start bench pressing weight, make sure you start at a less-heavy weight and have someone spot you to ensure you do not drop the rod on yourself.

Begin by lying with your entire back flat on the bench and keep the rod at eye level above you. Hold the rod at shoulder width. Bring your shoulder blades together and ensure you arch your back before you lift the bar.

Gently lift the bar off the rack. Breathe in before you lower the bar down towards your chest, with your elbows at a 45-degree angle as the rod comes down.

Slowly lift it back up, as soon as the bar touches your body.

In conclusion, do not worry about moobs (gynecomastia) caused by increased estrogen and lowered testosterone from taking roids, abuse drugs or certain medicines.

Most men with gynecomastia will not need any sort of anti-estrogen treatment, but can easily get rid of chest fat and moobs by following the points discussed in this article.

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